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Welcome to Crafti-Servi

What is Crafti-Servi?

Crafti-Servi is a server network hosted by me (x_Tornado10). At its core, Crafti-Servi is a collection of survival servers (SMPs), such as SMP2023 and EternalSMP.

How Does Crafti-Servi Work?

Crafti-Servi operates on a unique concept: the server changes every few months. For instance, from January to June 2023, we hosted SMP2023, and from July 2023 onwards, EternalSMP is the new adventure. This cycle ensures a steady stream of fresh content, keeping the excitement alive. Server rules are essential, and you can find them, along with how to join the current server, here. Players often craft their own stories, build nations, and add their creative ideas to make the gameplay even more interesting.

Is Crafti-Servi Free?

Absolutely, Crafti-Servi is entirely free and has a strict no Pay-to-Win policy.

Who is behind Crafti-Servi?

Behind Crafti-Servi stands a small team consisting of 3 individuals. Each of us takes responsibility for specific areas and contributes to the overall project. Feel free to visit the links below to support our team!

Explore our team members and their contributions.